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For us at OICS, it's a life long relationship with you. Every client is a unique entity for us and his/her success is our biggest concern. That is the reason why at every step, we analyze all the possible situations that you could face during your immigration and settlement in the new land and ensure that you fit in the new environment squarely.


It is very important to file the application aptly. In case, it is not prepared appropriately and supported with proper documentation, the case may get rejected or processing may be delayed. Our experience over the years has given us an edge and expertise to ensure that our client's case is presented in the most effectivemanner. Based on the knowledge and experience, we prepare a Submission Report, which shows how the client meets the selection criteria under the current Immigration Laws. Preparing and filing the case in an appropriate manner, with proper documentation and compilation is the mantra to our success. This also strengthens our client's chances of getting Interview Waiver.


After filing the case, the application is reviewed on the basis of education, training and work experience. Large number of our clients receive Interview Waivers main reason for which is perfect presentation of the case.

In case, the client is called for an interview, our experts provide thorough training through our Interview Preparation Course (IPC). We groom the client with mock interview, so that they are fully prepared and confident when they go for the interview. Some of our clients are interviewed by Immigration Authorities on telephone and they clear the interviews due to thorough and expert guidance given by our counselors.


We ensure that the Medical and Landing Papers are issued to our clients promptly and without any hassle. In case, any changes are required in the Medical and Landing Papers, we make additional representation to the Immigration Authorities and ensure that the papers are released without any delay.


Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparation. So, to ensure an early settlement, our Settlement Division takes on the job of preparing the clients, right from the stage they retain our services. We guide them to upgrade their educational qualifications and acquire additional skills. Our Counselors guide our clients at this
significant stage, before they move to Canada, by providing them with information regarding social norms, housing, health care, children's education, banking, traveling, taxation etc.

The Employment Readiness Course (ERC) covers the preparation for the job market, the job culture and working environment. Information about upgrading professional and educational qualification, licensing and/or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration and effective job search techniques is also provided by our experts.

Not just that, we advise them for professional licensing and registrations, giving them tips for preparation of licensing exams along with some study material.

All this goes a long way in early settlement of our clients.


We take care of all the needs of our clients, from the time our clients retain our services till they are completely settled in Canada. After landing in Canada, we take care of their airport pickup, subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes, help in opening a Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding educational institutes for children, procuring insurance and many other services. Advanced Orientation Sessions by our counselors impart guidance and assistance about living in Canada, their social life and culture banking, life insurance, education, health services, traveling and much more. These sessions help our clients acclimatize to the life in Canada, without wasting their valuable time.


With the training and grooming having been provided, the clients are well prepared to adjust in the new work environment, even before theyland. We guide our clients to upgrade their qualification and experience to come at par with international standards well in time and also provide them with profession-wise counseling & individual action plans, depending on their educational and professional qualifications to ensure success.

Now, since they are well prepared, just with little guidance and assistance of the Job Developers and Employment Counselors, they are able to get a transitional job and thereafter, a permanent job based on their skills and work experience.

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